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The Story


Trapped in escape pods in the aftermath of the battle of Wolf 359, four Starfleet officers band together to stay alive as they search for other survivors. Hoping that help arrives...before their time runs out.

Over two years in the making, 359 is a Star Trek Fan Production based on Star Trek: The Next Generation created by Gene Roddenberry, and inspired by "The Best of Both Worlds Part I and II" written by Michael Piller. If you're new to Star Trek, check out those episodes on Paramount+ (they're the last episode of Season 3 and the first episode of Season 4).

If you're SUPER new to Star Trek and you're wondering how to catch up on 50 years of content...several years ago, I created this handy watch list that hits the highlights from the original series (TOS) through Enterprise. (Someday, I'll update it to include all of the excellent new shows!)


Dave Ellis

Writer and Director

Dave Ellis, Writer and Director

I've  been a Star Trek fan since the age of seven. I'm currently a marketing writer by trade, but I spent over 20 years writing and designing video games, where my first assignment as a lead writer was co-writing the story and writing the script for Star Trek: The Next Generation Klingon Honor Guard. I went on to work on over 30 video games, with writing credits for games based on other well-known franchises including Cartoon Network's Adventure Time. My 15-minutes of game writing fame was winning the first Writer's Guild of America award for video game writing in 2008--along with designer, Adam Cogan--for my work on Dead Head Fred.

I studied film and television back in the before-times, when 8mm sound film and VHS were state-of-the-art. 359 is my first foray back into the world of film since 1987 with number one (no Trek pun intended)--of, I hope, several--Star Trek fan films.

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